Why are people so aloof to politics ?

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Based on a lot of observations, particularly of the behavior of the youth, but also on adults as well. Inspired by this exact post:
I miss this lupe. he wasn't on that extreme political shit, and when he wanted to rap about an issue, he spit about it and that was it, didn;t have none of these antics on twitter or whatever. He starting to become like one of those smart dumb niggas on your facebook page that's always rambling about something.

What is wrong with having a concern for politics? I do not understand why the general consensus is that politics are boring or don't matter. This is how poor leaders end up in positions of power.

Do you have young people in your life that just don't give a shit about politics? Do you know why it is?

It does not make sense to me how we can have a section of the forum dedicated to men drooling over scantily clad females receive more participation than a section that deals strictly with the ideas and events that shape our world today.


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