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WWE Male Talent Forced to Train Naked

Black_SamsonBlack_Samson do 10 pushups everytime you read my post... you know you want too.Posts: 61,587 Regulator
edited December 2012 in Off The Turn Buckle
From the twitter of former WWE developmental wrestler Kevin Matthews'...

Bill DeMott is the head trainer for the WWE's developmental territory. He wrestled as Hugh Morrus in WCW.


Hey @BillDeMott nothing like forcing your MALE TALENT TO TRAIN BUTT NAKED WHILE YOU WATCH AND LAUGH! Pic included. pic.twitter.com/P3njoCME
Sigh, one of the great problems of the wrestling business seems to be that muthafuckers think that just because they play-fight for a living that somehow normal standards of decent behavior don’t apply to them.

I remember years and years ago when some of the more dysfunctional elements of the WWE locker-room culture came to light (its being reveal was precipitated by one of the WCW refs talking about how he got himself in trouble with “The Boys” for upgrading his ticket to First Class) that Paul Bearer was on the WrestlingClassics message board defending The Biz. His argument was essentially, “This is all fine. We’re a special case because we are the make believe world of professional play-fighting and y’all simply don’t understand.”

I have never been in a professional wrestling locker-room. I have though been alive for thirty years and know that, for instance, shitting on the property of someone I am upset with is an abnormal and abhorrent behavior. That is true no matter where it happens.

I also hope that TMZ pick this up and that the story cracks the mainstream. Simply because it's 2012 and fuck all this carny nonsense. People should be able to go to work without being fucked with.

Matthews has been burying DeMott on Twitter for a while.

Someone on another collated some of his more interesting claims.

WWE pays me $85,000 a yr to cripple talent they pay $750 a week to which I then cost them $25g per talent in surgery bills. #DeMottcracy"
There is a positive to me working for WWE and NOT TNA. WWE covers their talents medical bills I cause for them, TNA does not. #DeMottcracy
I injured 24 FCW students and WWE is blaming me! Its the kids fault for not quitting when they announced I was the new trainer! #DeMottcracy
I have no idea how to train talent but I felt the need to undermine a great trainer like Dr.Tom to HHH to steal his job. #DeMottcracy
Dr.Andrews should give me a % of all the money I've made him from 05-07 and 2012-13. I work hard to injury these kids! #DeMottcracy
I once threw MVP under the bus for no reason & he came in my office about to kill me and I backed down like a bitch. TrueStory #DeMottcracy
I tried to break Nick Mitchells ankle (Spirit Squad Mitch) for no reason! Which is why he got switched to OVW. #DeMottcracy
John Cenas trainer Rob spoke out against me 3weeks ago on how I was training the kids too hard. I got him fired 24hrs later. #DeMottcracy
I make students do hindu squats on all 4 topturnbuckles whiles 2 guys are crisscrossing and hitting the ropes. COMPLETELY SAFE. #DeMottcracy
Any1 uc get released in the next few weeks is solely because they didn't tell me how great I am and come out drinking with me. #DeMottcracy
I put Big Vito in the ring with Shantelle Taylor in Training at Deep South and he got a hardon and everyone laughed. TrueStory #DeMottcracy
I told Kenny Omega if he can slam a heavy bag 40x in 8mins there would b no practice today.He did it in 3mins. I looked stupid. #DeMottcracy
I told Kenny Omega 2b more serious in his Promos so his next Promo was "I guess Im too total non stop action 4 wwe". TrueStory #DeMottcracy
I put in my book KM threatened his ex but its actually me who threatened Lacy everyday. #shoot #DeMottcracy
As ridiculous as some of my DeMott tweets were they were ALL truthful! Scary I know! See everyone next week KM vs Matt Hardy #PWS
if i were an FBI Agent tasked with monitoring a forum, I'd post random pictures and watch the reactions of the people.

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