Is it Safe 2 to say Austin Rivers.........

is a Bust the guy has been terrible out there @ 10th pick u cant expect too much too early but damn ppl were all over his shit talking how Coach K held him back now Chad Ford is looking like a prophet. Not only is Rivers shooting terribly he's shooting 66% from FT line. Do ppl feel he need more time to become a good player I felt this dude should have stayed in school. He's becoming volume shooter that cant shoot.

Rivers 27.0 Mpg 6.1 ppg .283 FG% .321 3pt% .667 FT% 3.0 apg 0.8 spg 1.5 Turnovers per game
"Whichever team takes Rivers will take a risk. It could pay off big time or blow up in a team's face." --Chad Ford



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