IC Male Appreciation Thread!!

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Ok IC Peeps, I got caught up with work, and was unable to make the IC King contest thread :(

I'm sure by now people have lost interest, so I'm going to make this thread as a substitute....here are the rules.

Ladies-Post about any Male poster that you enjoy for any reason. It can be for looks, sense of humor, intelligence...etc.

There are so many dudes that post here and not many stand out and are memorable, so let's show some love to the ones who are ;)

Fellas-Feel free to drop pics in here or just suggest why you should be in here if you feel you're being overlooked.

I'm going to start off by just speaking on some of my favorite Males and dropping pics of some of the fine ass dudes in our midst. I posted this here instead of Powder Room so everyone can see it, then I'm sure it will be moved and hopefully stickied if it turns out well.



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