ic female unappreciation thread

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kat you progressively become more repulsive with each passing day. how any guy can call you attractive or have any sexual desires regarding you is beyond me. no wonder you had to get you an old ass, over the hill impotent boyfriend. no man in the prime of his life wants to be dragged down by your worn out pussy and dehydrated geriatric face. I hate you more then your sister hates you now, and more then your daughter is bound to hate you in the future.

missk you need to stop pretending youre in your 20s, and take your 50 year old mid life crises having ass off the ic and get the fuck out my face. yesterday I said something about you giving me an erection, fuck no. yes my dick does get hard, but the idea of it getting hard due to you is impossible because I aint into beastiality and you look like a cross between a parrie dog and a hippotamous.

ladyzee you need to realize I dont attack girls on the IC I dont like despite what people who dont pay attention say. I dont speak negative about you because I have a school boy crush on you, but rather because I hate you, your distorted, lopsided, lifeless face belongs on a dead body, and you should really look into starting puberty soon because having no shape whatsoever and a helium induced minnie mouse voice isnt cute on a female over the age of 6.

missjones I remember you got an attitude with me a few times when you were new, and I overlooked it because upon seeing your pic it was obvious you produce an abnormal amount of testerone for women, that also makes you look like a male, body building, midget. but yesterday when I heard you hating on kai valya in a non-stop 10 minute babble session, It became so obvious how jealous of her you actually are. kai is twice the women your classless badger ass will ever be. thats why you aint got no damn man. pretending like youre a career woman. please, you go to work miserable, and come home lonely every night. must be hard knowing the women youre so jealous of is happily married, and the only man desperate enough to marry you, whooped your ass every chance he got.

bookworm remember your nasty dried up ass said you wouldnt fuck me, then I later simped you? you know damn well I was fucking with you and dont give a fuck about you. you read books all day and your fucking stupid as shit. thats why your so out of shape and tubby now. you just sit there reading the hunger games, get hungry, then go eat an entire pre-cooked supermarket chicken. no you on insanity to lose weight? nah that cellulite been on you so long, its part of your dna now. and even if you did lose the weight you still gonna look like a ape with an al sharpton perm.

to be cont...
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