Has the industry turned on Nicki Minaj? (ZERO GRAMMY NOMINATIONS).........

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Well it wasn't just Justin Bieber or One Direction fans upset with No Grammy Nominations. It seems someone was missing when the names came out for the nominations. That's right Nicki Minaj. Her 2nd LP "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded" was the highest selling rap album of the year. Her single "Starships" was the highest selling rap single and even broke a Billboard Record for staying the Top 10 over 20 weeks. She was on an unbelieveable 25 total songs during the whole grammy cut off point. She sold over 1 Million copies worldwide and over 5 Million Downloads worldwide with her singles. Just this year she had her controversial Grammy performance and was nominated for 4 Awards.

So why did she get ZERO nominations? Her co-manager Cortez Bryan calls it "Bullshit" that Nicki got no nominations. So my question is has the industry finally turned on her? After he public beefs with Lil Kim, Mariah Carey and recently Steven Tyler. Many are wondering if Nicki burned to many bridges with her peers and the Grammy Board Took notice. Also few are saying that her turn to Pop was so hard that it turned off fans and the Grammy board. Recently Ebro from Hot 97 said Peter Rosenberg might be to blame as Nicki sales have stalled. So was her songs and album that bad? or did the Grammy Board check her Ego? Even 2 Chainz got a nomination. Nicki won't go completely empty handed. She did just win two more America Music Awards this year.

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