So I'm OFFICIALLY on CHILD support and I feel good about it!

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Prior to my baby moms listening to her dumb ass stupid broke ass hoe friends I was giving her $450.00 a month.. In which she gladly extended her malnourished arm out to grab. She even signed the receipts I gave her.

Income wise we make about the same.

What she didn't know is I have my daughter under my health insurance.. She thought that would be the straw the would break me..

Judge looked at her paperwork.. Looked at mines.. Asked me to see proof of healthcare.. Pulled that shit out like a true boss!

Judge Frisbee'd her paperwork from his presence and asked her if she was sure she wanted to go through with this.. With a stupid classless answer she said "Hellz to the mutha fuckin yeah"

Judge said okay... No back child support owed. $60 per week.. Bang gavel!

I swung my suit jacket around like the superman cape and let it settle nicely over my back.. Almost in slow motion. Through $60 at her feel and walked out like a BOSS!!

What a dumbass!!!
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