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Here I Am, Reading A Damn Good Novel

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And I can't quite grasp the themes of it, cause there are multiple themes. In the beginning, the man loses his son to AIDS and spends a great deal if time in seclusion. He contemplates suicide by pills, gunshot, and police murder-suicide. He decides to go with police murder-suicide. He loads up his old winchester 72 and heads to a bank. As he walks out his car, he sees a 17 year old kid stealing his car radio. The sight of the gun scares the kid enough where he drops the radio and bolts it. The man decides to go after him and after catching the kid, the two talk for a couple hours. Apparently the kid is a homeless kid who has AIDS. Of course the two bond, and the man changes his mind about suicide. A few months pass, and they live together. One day the man comes home and finds the kid having sex in his son's bed. He takes his winchester 72 and murders the kid and the girl. Overwhelmed by guilt, he takes his own life.


What is the theme of this book in your opinion?
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