Exclusive: Alabama GD Speaks To Forbez DVD And Explains What Rick Ross Beef Is About

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    I'm just saying though: which local group of GDs is Ross even supposed to pay? He can't square away all these mofos.

    On another note, why can't these gangs click up on a national level for something actually positive?
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    I'm just saying though: which local group of GDs is Ross even supposed to pay? He can't square away all these mofos.

    On another note, why can't these gangs click up on a national level for something actually positive?

    Lol @ u thinkin gangs can click up to do something positive.

    Ross ain't payin nobody. these losers better go get a 9 to 5 if they want some money
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    I applaud anyone who listened to that in it's entirety....that dude's voice could make your ears bleed.
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    nigga dont even sound like he from Bama...
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    That nigga sounded like @Plap
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    GDs must be bored, don't they have any thing else to focus on other then Ross
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    Get a job dumb ass niggas dying over gang life
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    That nigga ain't explain shit...he ain't say anything that hasn't been said on the state to state worldstar videos
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    Real reason/clearer/ very less ignorant is here:
    This dude seems more legit and of higher rank in the gang, the more intelligent side.


    Quick summary:
    -Ross did BMF: named Larry Hoover (GD's "Chairman")
    Base on using GD, they asked him to do some positive stuff.
    Talk to kids at school in their community.
    Ask him to donate to charity.
    Using a famous figure to influence the communities into positivity (SMH @ using one who glorify drug dealing)
    Even offer Ross payment for performance at charities.
    In return, they offered him security NATIONWIDE.
    -Ross in return gave them non working numbers
    Ignore them after many attempts from them
    Didn't pay "hood tax" after violating his words/promise
    then turn around and use their logo with his face on it, which only offend the young dumb ones, not the OGs for they know he only trying to claim he a black jews, but the OG's letting the young dumb ones with ride with that so they can F up officer Ricky's life.

    In a nutshell.
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    Interesting they play the they're not a street gang angle, and reference no disrespect to the Crips and Bloods...when Crips also started out to protect Black neighborhoods and empower their community. Bottom line is I've been through Chicago and they can save the they're not a street gang talk. I do like that they try to have positive events. Is there any validity to this claim? That's real interesting. Rappers do have a heavy influence on the kids. They wanted Ross to do shows at discounted prices and donate to their "Charities" for how long? A year, two years, three years, rest of his career, rest of his life? That sounds like extortion to me. They offer protection...from who? Themselves?

    Nice video they left. Sounds like Ross' acting like a gangsta pissed off some real gangstas and he has to get extorted or face the consequences. I hope they understand we got the point and we no longer need any rap videos attached with their videos threatening them.
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    it be too damn funny/sad when niggas who kill kids and sell dope to mothers talk about empowering the community

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    nigga dont even sound like he from Bama...

    Not even that, he just sound young and dumb, don't know what's goin on, lucked up and got on a Hip Hop publication and don't even know the real reason niggas talkin bout ridin.

    I figured that's what it was wit some of these replies, "Uh, Uh, you know what you did nigga", Macho Man Randy Savage neck face ass niggas.
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    ross just need to pay them niggas. he can use the tithes from the tabernacle
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    lol this niqqaz green..
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