Rappers that would be better off in groups

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I think one of the things that are missing in hip hop are the groups. I grew up on Tribe, De La Soul, Wu Tang, Bone Thugs, Outkast, The Lox, The Roots etc. Look at the members in those groups. The one common thing is that they had a clear cut star, then a role player who compliments the star(s)

Tribe Called Quest- Q Tip was the star, Phife the role player

Wu Tang Clan- Method Man/ODB/Raekwon/Ghostface/RZA were the stars U God/Masta Killa/GZA/Inspectah Deck were role players

You have cats today that are solo artists but imo they would be better off being apart of a group. The rapper that I think could be perfect in a gorup setting is Red Cafe'. He's not wack per say, but he doesn't have that "it" factor that a few lesser talented artists have.


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