So my boy's girl got stomped out my the cops.

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Long story short. Me and one of my boys went to pick up his girl from the doctors office she works at.. On the way back she wanted to stop and grab a bottle of moscato. I'm in the passenger seat and I hear the bottle open and what sounded like her pouring it into a cup.. Then I see her pass the cup up to my boy who's driving.. I drink and drive occasionally so it didn't really bother me.. What was bothering me is how careless they was wit the cups and bottle..

Anyway this fool passes the street and U-Turns as a cop was coming the opposite direction. The cop patiently waited for us to finish turning then he stopped us. 2 more cop cars pulled up while we were waiting..

My boy tries to use his leg to kick the bottle under the seat.. He would of got it off if only one cop came to the car. Anyway they made us all get out the car. She started popping off at the mouth about racism etc.. The cop grabs her arm to force her to sit down and that's when the unthinkable happened!!

She snatched her arm back and swung at the cop trying to grab her..

The cops then unleashed feet fury on her ass!!

Here's where shit gets funny to me.. My boy instead of helping of trying to calm her just started screaming for help at the top of his lungs with a pitch so high people on a plane could of heard it.. After they hog tied his girl she they asked him if he wanted some.. Nigga said "No Sir" loud like he was in basic training or something..

My question is if your woman was getting stomped out and dragged around by a group of cops would you risk it all and start throwing hay makers in her defense?
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