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How come Illinois Brandon Paul is still overlooked?

Elzo69RenaissanceElzo69Renaissance Never selling dreams, always serving creamSeattlePosts: 50,268 ✭✭✭✭✭
He is avg 20 ppg for the undefeated and no 10 team in the nation. His shooting % are good except for 70% FT. he effectively plays both guards positions. just dropped 35 on 10-16 shooting on Gonzaga in the performance of the yr in College bball thus far. i know the Big Ten is loaded but he and Hardaway Jr are the best shooting guards in the conference.
Give the man is props...
As I look back over a misspent life, I find myself more and more convinced that I had more fun posting on the IC than in any other enterprise. It is really the life of kings.


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