Random Facebook friend request: Should Uptown Smash or Pass ??

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i got a friend request from this girl the other day. we have some "mutual friends", her profile has a few pics so its not one of those super anonymous accounts. now usually i'd just hit up one of our mutual friends that im closest with, get the scoop, and play it from there. only difference now is, instead of getting the scoop on her from just hitting up one of our mutual friends, ill let ILL PIX decide.

i am currently undecided. i can tell this chick isnt wife material just by the hair, plus she isnt exactly an 8 - 10 on the dime scale. but THAT ASS .... plus she BROWNSKIN ....
my stable isnt exactly poppin too hard right now so ya boy got the malcolm finger to his temple thinking about this

LOL maybe im just thirsty LOL

this is strictly smash or pass.... but unlike other threads..... shit just got real LOL

so lets go







should uptown go in??

Random Facebook friend request: Smash or Pass

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