Andre Johnson needs another top reciever!

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I feel like Shuab really don't have no one to throw to but Johnson!
I know its just one game but this the second time we got whooped by top ranked playoffs/super bowl experienced high caliber quarter back and team!
They concentrated on Johson, they shut down Foster they was a steady threat breaking through on Shaub's back!
Shuab was off but they recievers and tight ends were not helping besides Johson!
This team needs to improve and catch difficult passes when Shuab is having an off night over throwing,throwing interception(s) didn't watch entire game! Shaub should of tried to get short yardage but he loves to throw bombs but their defensive coverage was to great! I think Foster is a good rb but not a great rb quick decisive and explosive!
I think even in there wins they could be playing better!
I like the Texans think they are a great team but playoff/superbowl victory time will tell but they could use some slight improvements, unless they turn it around by this sunday then I'll still have good confidence that we have a winning chance!


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