Meteorologist Rhonda Lee Fired For Responding To Racist Viewer Comment On Facebook

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Shreveport, LA Rhonda Lee a Black Meteorologist is fired after responding to racist comments left by viewers on the
newstation FB page.

Now INB4 the usual coons come in and say well she should've just ignored them responding was just unprofessional. Remember couple months a ago that fat white bitch who chastised posters for denigrating her weight? Was that bitch fired or did America hold her up as a hero? Riiiiiiiight.... On with the story.

Now I know some of yall dont like to read but....fuck you. If you're interested in finding out what happened you'll have to do some reading...but I wont mind dropping some tidbits.

The original headline I ran across was Black Meteorologist Fired for Responding to Criticism to Her Natural Hair.

Then a more fleshed out story showed how commentators left negative remarks regarding the children of a toy give away noting how the children were all black. Rhonda appealed to her program at the Newstation asking them to take the very derogatory comments down...but they left them up. Finally when Rhonda responded to comments about her hair she was fired for violating a policy and the station was informed of the policy at a meeting she did not attend.

See how this goes....

Link to full story:



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