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    The non-Hispanic white population, now at 197.8 million, is projected to peak at 200 million in 2024, before entering a steady decline in absolute numbers as the massive baby boomer generation enters its golden years.

    By 2060, whites should drop to 43 percent of the U.S. At that time, blacks will make up 14.7 percent, up slightly from today. Hispanics, currently 17 percent of the population, will more than double in absolute number, making up 31 percent, or nearly 1 in 3 residents.

    The race and ethnic changes are already seen in pockets of the U.S. and in the younger age groups, where roughly 45 percent of all students in K-12 are Hispanics, blacks, Asian-Americans and others. Already, the District of Columbia and four states - Hawaii, California, New Mexico and Texas - have minority populations greater than 50 percent; across the U.S., more than 11 percent of counties have tipped to "majority-minority" status.

    Depending on future rates of immigration, the U.S. population is estimated to continue growing through at least 2060. In a hypothetical situation in which all immigration - both legal and illegal - immediately stopped, previous government estimates have suggested the U.S. could lose population beginning in 2048.
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    Thought that was happening a lot sooner.
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    This is a lot of conservative Whites worst fear.

    They've gotten accustomed to the White majority controlling everything in a country that was built on the blood, sweat, and tears of Black slaves and illegal immigrants from other countries.
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    So....They still have the power tho and AA will still be minorities
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    mexicans/latino's is fucking like it's no tomorrow, lol....... and the blacks will be higher but they seperate us so much those who are black is claiming some other shit
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    Heard this on the radio today. Statistics are statistics, so I'll believe it when I see it, but I would've paid money to see the white elite squirm when they heard about this heh. No wonder white racists want to build a fence along the Mexican border.

    I actually don't think that this would change much if it did happen, especially if this new Hispanic population are active members in education, politics, etc. The elite will still mostly be in power, if not from legacy and heritage-wise alone. There are South American countries with overwhelmingly "black" populations, but the more "European" and light-skinned people still run these countries. Same could happen here.
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    thread title is false; non-Hispanic whites will not be a majority by 2043
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    This just means that the composition of the non-blacks who oppress blacks will change significantly.

    The oppression will continue.
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    ~ would be 69 years old post ~
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    waterproof wrote: »
    mexicans/latino's is fucking like it's no tomorrow, lol....... and the blacks will be higher but they seperate us so much those who are black is claiming some other shit

    this right here ^

    you cant really trust these census

    yeah whites are somewhat more

    but I betcha Blacks and Latinos are more in number then what they tell us

    and they always come up with STATS that belittle or make us seem small us even in a thing like this .
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    Man allki these young black girls out here with kids... having kids aint no fuckin way the blk population in america been 12% 30 fuckin years...that is a lie i never trust statistics cause majority of it is false.
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    not soon enough...
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    as long as the small hats and the whites control the wealth, this statistic is irrelevant
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    I don't like inferential statistics trying to indicate some form of external validity. Like a poster in this thread already said, we'll see it when we see it. Nothing wrong with this if it does happen though. Some professions will most definitely have to be up on their cultural awareness (it's a contemporary issue in clinical psychology and counseling).
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