Top Twenty Documentaries Black People Should See

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1. African History v/s Biblical Myth- One of Ashra Kwesi's best presentations. He leaves you with overwhelming evidence and documentation to back it up. In this fascinating lecture/documentary, Kwesi leaves no stone unturned and removes any doubt about the origin of Christianity.

a.) The Naked Truth- A lot of "African-Americans" won't believe anything unless its coming from a white man. So, let them tell you what a lot of white folks have known for centuries

b.)Zeitgeist- Documentary in three parts uncovering unbelievable lies and propaganda about religion, politics and power; a must see!

2. Maafa 21: 21st Century Genocide- You're going to be shocked to find out what the number one killer of black folks in America is. You'll also be shocked to find out who's behind it all.

a.) John Hopkins Hospital; a history of genocide against blacks- Two dynamic young brothers step forward and present miles of evidence documenting the atrocities committed and hidden by John Hopkins hospital and University. It could literally save your life!

3. Black Inventors and their Patents- Its not just hearsay they actually owned the patents. Once you see and hear their stories it will become clear why your teacher had to lie to you.

4. The Black Wall Street- This documentary reveals another one of white Americas closely guarded secrets; the malicious bombing and meticulous cover up of an all black economic empire in Tulsa Oklahoma

5. Goodbye Uncle Tom-This unbelievable docu-drama was banned in America since 1973. If you think violence erupted when Roots and Mississippi Burning came out, Imagine what would have happened if Black folks had seen this. The French directors used the actual diaries,captains logs, articles and books of that era to bring your slave masters back to life. Unbelievable!

a.) 500 Years Later- A well guided and directed documentary on the 500 years since the European kidnappings and enslavement. Also covers myths, lies and propaganda and extends a road map for the future. A great inspirational documentary for us all.
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