The Fall of Uptown (With Summary in OP)

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This Thread is a merging of ALL the threads that were previously deleted by Uptown and those currently going on.

First let's summarize the events that occurred then let all the hilarity ensue:

1. Uptown makes this thread

2. He claims to be questioning whether or not he should smash/pass a girl (@chanita717) that has requested him on Facebook ("should Uptown do it?")

3. She is made aware of the thread being made and at first is told it is some guy named Craig Lewis (

4. She makes an account to call out "Craig" and his photos are dropped

5. Craig is shitted on until everyone realizes that it is not Uptown

6. Uptown has his photo posted and Chanita places the link to the thread on her facebook where one of her friends identify Uptown

7. Chanita states she has never met Uptown and that he looks like Francine from Arthur

8. Uptown logs on to see that he is getting shitted on in various formats for lying about knowing her and her sending him a friend request (who the fuck lies about receiving a friend request lmao)

9. Uptown proceeds to spend hours deleting every thread that pops up and every post that is created in regards to the situation

10. Chanita is pissed off about this and fires back on Facebook through her statuses (they are all still there)

11. Uptown finally speaks and says he has dirt on Chanita and she needs to calm down...turns out the dirt is that he knows she used to get beat in a relationhip...yeah...

12. Chanita proceeds to talk shit

Side Note: Craig Lewis ended up winning because Chanita let him get a hand job after feeling bad for calling him out. 12/12/12 is Craig Lewis Day.
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    so what am i lookin at here
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    Facebook fail
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    Hahahahahahahahahahaha that nigga is a loser
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    Craig is Uptown.
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    oh shit that bitch actually signed up because of that smash or pass thread he made lmao

    she smashable
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    We need more pics to make an educated assessment of the "smashability" of the subject.
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    We need more pics to make an educated assessment of the "smashability" of the subject.
    Go to IllPix
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    Lots of ether here.
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    Since she got an acct who s simping?
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    Hilarious lol
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    please explain what happened
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    ^^^^^Same time lol

    Classic thread in the making haha
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