exposing more pathetic lies I heard about myself ( lies spreaded from celebs)

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I.C I'm back I heard more pathetic lies about myself.

I heard that I'm a booster. First of all I'm not even the theif type. so that mean I don't want to steal your man either, because I'm not on taking other people's belongings.

I heard that I wear my friends clothing. First of all, I give clothes away to charity, and people in need. I wouldnt say that I never borrowed something from a friend, but only if I stayed over their house and needed something to wear, I don't jock my friends clothing and pretend its mine. I have a lot of clothing, and people borrow from me all the time. But I'm not into jocking other people's clothing..

now lets dig a lil deep and this time I'm name droppin, I'm not going to talk in parables, because I realize the readers don't understand who I'm referring to so they like to twist up what I'm saying, and say I'm directing my statements online @ ppl who I am not directing it to. So lets be blunt..

Let me throw mud in this keisha and nicki beef. since people like to read the board and send messages to these two bitches make sure this message reach them dearly.

First of all to keisha, I was never in the way of anything, I find it odd that she suppose to be married and mature, but yet she's beefing about her ex, (who I met first) and it's very elementary to be going back and fourth about who met who first, this shit is childish to me. When I was beefing about nas, I was defending my right, because me and nas never had a relationship, and the childish rumors that spreaded started alot of anomosity, that was uncalled for. He SHOULD HAVE NEVER LIED....

I heard this bitch keisha wants to meet up with me and scrap, I will knock the living hell out of keisha (while smoking on keisha) at this point this is what I want her to know, Iam not in the middle of anything, she can have who ever she is after. She do not have to keep singing about her ex when she suppose to be married to someonelse this is disturbing. she's lying to herself talking about she don't want him. She feels that Iam on the other side fighting with her, thats what that is about. I was not the reason why her past relationship broke off. I was someone who met him 10 years prior to their relationship. & what we were beefing about do not involve keisha cole.

Keisha whining and crying on wax right now is really getting in bones. I know it got to be disturbing her husband. she spent more time writing about her past relationship than current. That exposes her mind is in the past, and it exposes who she is thinking about the most. I do believe in free will, men can walk and do what they want. Even if I love a person I'm not going to jail them in a relationship if they want someonelse..so if it's ova it had/have nothing to do with me!

to this clown bitch nicki.. Iam not on the other side of her & nas. I have never been nas mistress. how many times must I address this on a message board? & the reason why I keep coming here, is because this is where most of these rumors start. I want these bitches who got spirits stalking my life to LET IT GO! These two bitches are using me as a excuse to why they have relationship problems. If they are GROWN WOMEN like they claim to say, they would take responsiblity for their own actions.

and all I got to say about this nigga yo gotti, he sound like a messy ass hoe right now, talking about a whole bunch of rumors he heard from keisha and nicki...I'm laughing niggas actually believe these two bitches and their lame ass excuses of why they don't like me? LOL they are clowns, and I will whip both of their asses, if they didnt have bodygaurds I would track them down and beat the shit out of both of them.. LOL, neither one of them really want war with the GODDESS~

I can't believe people get famous just to be pathetic liars! and btw FUCK NAS!
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