So I Was Boolin&12 Start Harrassing Me (LONG STORY)/Local Celeb

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So I was kicking it out near where I stay this bitch was havin a kick back n a hotel room. Anyway her wallets gets stolen and she start trippin searchin folks kicking everybody out. Now heres the problem i got half a ounce on me&my homie strapped. so she makin a racket and the folks next door done called the folks (we didn't know it yet)

so we in the Parkin lot bout 2 peel but one of my homeis cars won't start (he has a saw'd off in the trunk). So he ask for a jump off den the folks show up and go into the hotel while we in the Parkin lot. So we tryin 2 hurry and get the fck on cause they keep lookin are way while the bitch who got her wallet took is tellin wat happened. Im like fuck this throw the keys to my homie tuck my dope and walk 2 a gas station a block up the street.

now as I'm comin out the gas station restroom 3 cops walk in so I start walkin towards da restroom they Followin me. I go in dump my weed flush it come back out they still outside waitin so I walk up 2 them and say why u following me they stare at me and play stupid talkin bout they wasn't following me. I walk out the gas station call my homie he drop in pick me up and we leave.

This bitch ass cops followed me a block up 2 a gas station for no reason and didn't even search me makin me dump my weed for no reason MAN FCK THE COPS have any of y'all ever been harrassed by 12 for no damn reason


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