Girls that have had sex with 10+ guys

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If you know a girl has had sex with more than 10 guys is that an automatic red flag not to mess with her at all even if she seems like she'd be faithful in a relationship? I've been talking to this girl for about a month now and everythings been straight until she came out & told me just now she's fucked 15 niggas, not sure if it's really a big deal & if I should drop her or not..
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    Keep her. Strictly jump off material though.
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    I would find that .27th of a man and kill him. How dare he fuck your girl with that .27th of a dick. that .27 asshole
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    do we really need another female body count thread?

    ...this shit gets done weekly...

    for the life of me...i'll never understand how niggas can have jump-offs...side-pieces...FWBs, run 3-4 different women...smash back-page trains....and then in the next second have a problem with a woman's body count...

    you niggas need to grow up. somewhere some other nigga is doing/has done the same thing you out here doing to the woman you are now/have questioned about body count...GROW THE FUCK UP!!!!


    Pretty much this
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    Don't give 2 many shits about a females body count.


    I've found I had more successful/longer relations with the ones with (supposed,according to u niggaz) low bodies.

    The bishes with the higher counts be a good ass fling, then quick break up cause its in their nature to "keep it moving"...

    ..unless they find themselves a sucka that they can do their individual thing with and getaway with it.
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    why she even tell you to begin with? ....i mean that would be the red flag to me ...more so than the number she gave you which obbbbbbbviously was understated .... if a female starts talking about body count to me that shit automatically rings off a guilt driven ... i honestly would put 0 stock in them digits because in all honesty its probably higher bruh...
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    Well more niggas have prolly been her in that the superdome when hurricane katrina happened

    But if you want to cuff to make yourself happy, go ahead, enjoy yourself
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    If she's a grown azzz woman, then who cares? If she was single durin that whole time, then oh well. She had that right. As long as she was safe about it.

    Just means our conversation about sex is gonna be interesting.
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    Studies have shown a strong connection between infidelity and high numbers of sexual partners
    For anyone that wants to say "oh, it's just a number"

    It's common sense though - dont commit to and expect commitment from someone who has a history of giving no fucks
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    ReppinTime wrote: »
    Shes a ho. Dont let these geeks and lames with no standards convince you its ever ok to wife hoes. Being a hoe is a mental issue, its bigger than just the amount itself.

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    brah... if you worried about a body count, then you will never find a woman. truth is, these females is out here getting theirs.

    put it like this.. take however many your body count is, and multiply that by 2.5 and you have they body count.
    thats if you out here getting it forrea.
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    Yes, if she was clean, why not?
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    You'd be hard pressed to find a college educated potential-wifey with a body count lower than 10.

    10 is really not a lot for an attractive girl nowadays.

    Grow up and accept that that's about as good as it gets.
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    coop9889 wrote: »

    You'd be hard pressed to find a college educated potential-wifey with a body count lower than 10.

    10 is really not a lot for an attractive girl nowadays.

    Grow up and accept that that's about as good as it gets.
    word... if a girl is truthful about being with 10... then you better throw the cuffs on her asap. they dont come around too often.
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    10 is a bargain forreal.
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    I dont like that as a man im far to insecure an jealous but I know that about myself so im wise with who I take serious......but you like who you like at the same damn time......
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