These 3 songs Ruin Biggie's Life after Death.

For me its a near classic. i obviously dont have to point out the timeless hip hop classics on LAD. but im just curious, anyone actually bump or like Another, Nasty Boy or Playa Hater? it pisses me off how they ruin it. Them songs are 100% bullshit and ruin the album. if they arent on there its a 5/5 album..

I get the feeling that biggie woulda fallen off thanks to puffy. i can't remember where i read it, but Biggie was pissed at puffy for making him switch his style up for the album in the first place. its no coincidence that them 3 songs are all produced by Diddy. He shoulda stuck with Easy Mo Bee for main part of production on LAD.

Just to make this a positive thread, Appreciate this classic from LAD.

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