Who Will Be The More Bigger Star In Years To Come?

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    Cody will never get to be a TOP star when its all said and done just of the fact his pops is Dusty fucking Rhodes and his brother is Goldust
  • Cody = Edge
    Dolph = HBK
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    Cody will be someone who floats around the top of the mid-card with occasional runs at the main event (like a Christian, or to a lesser extent Chris Jericho)
    But Dolph will be a star for years to come and will carry the WWE onto the next era.
    I'm waiting for a Dolph and Punk feud.
    That shit would be legendary.
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    I like both but dolph is going to be at the top of the mountain when it is all said and done.
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    yeah that dolph and punk will be epic but... both are at they best as a heel!
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    Cody. He's got the heritage. You're probably dealing with the new Randy Orton with Cody. Dolph is gonna be the man too but I think in the long term Cody will be a bigger star.
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    Members of the shield might be bigger stars than Gay ass dolph
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    Dolph sandow Kofi and tyson
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    Dolph has an impressive wrestling skill set, but he's still a little stiff on the mic and needs work in that area in my opinion.

    With wins over Orton and Cena in pay per views it shows the WWE definitely has big plans in store for him.

    Ziggler kinda reminds me of Flying' Brian Pillman in his WCW/NWA days by the time he got the WWF/WWE he was passed his prime and injuries gave him a very limited skill set than earlier in his career.

    If Zigger gets better mic skills and a little better gimmick as well then the sky is the limit for him IMO.
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    It's hard to choose between the two but from a total package standpoint, I'd say Dolph Ziggler. The Showoff act isn't bad but he needs to get rid of the Billy Gunn replica shit and I think he will be on his way.
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    they both sound wack
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    Nigga how di wrestlers "sound"?

    Lol @ more bigger

    Seriously tho we all know who im voting for anyhow...
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    CS on ziggler

    I have a feeling that Mr.Anderson is gonna leave TNA and return to the WWE sometime in 2013 since TNA aint utilizing him.. this like the 3rd time they ran out of material for this dude since he signed. If he goes back to WWE there could be a chance of him gettin over again.

    He was about to be sittin at the top of the mountain with that legitimate son angle, do you know how that shit would of went over if he hadn't of gotten in trouble and got suspended?? They turned the whole thing into a fuckin joke and said Hornswoggle was vinces son instead and now they've dropped it completely, Hornswoggle barely get any tv time they need to can his little ass.

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    cody will get there, it'll prolly take a year or two more, he can prolly be a better heel than dolph, i saw it in him n/h when he was doin that mask thing last year, i can see dolph being a lil bigger tho thanks to his wrestling style
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