My Saturday Night...

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Started off boring as shit. Then my brother calls and asks me to head to 6th Street (a street lined up with bars and clubs in downtown Austin, TX) with him and a couple cousins. Fuck it, I went. Got all nice & suited up then headed downtown. First stop was some wack ass joint called Chugging Monkey. Nothing but white people. The lame kind of white people who cannot dance. We left real quick and headed to Coyote Ugly. Bad bitches galore. Started drinking Hennessey with gin & juice and beer. I blacked out after that. Woke up on a bus stop on Congress Ave with someone's iphone and car keys in my pocket. Took me until bout an hour ago to find my car (which was towed) and still have no idea who's car keys or iPhone i have. Also the world's worst hangover.
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