Freedom or stability?

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Inspired by the recent discussion of introducing new firearm legislation in the United States following the Connecticut school shooting.

Some people think the way to resolve these problems is to increase government involvement. Add more legislation, put more effort into regulating the people. What this ultimately leads to is less freedom. Do you think the ends justifies the means?

Another example: myself and several other posters on this forum think that the government should be more involved in parenting so that youth can be ensured good lives and their minds can develop properly. This would mean people would not be allowed to raise their kids whichever way they want.

I personally do not even think everyone should be allowed to reproduce. There should be some sort of government run/organized citizen review that has to take place before someone can be deemed fit or unfit for parenting/reproduction. Of course this too would mean less freedom, more rules, and more rights being taken away.

Do you think that increasing government involvement is the proper way to deal with these issues?


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