Why Do Alot Of Females Want To Holla At You As Soon As You Get A Wifey?

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shits been boggling my mind since i was a youngin son

Can anyone of you ladies explain why you only approach men or why he is suddenly more desirable once he gets a gf? (btw i'm in college)

this prolly does not apply to you old ass niggas with kids
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  • I'm a young ass nigga with a gf but without kids so i know what you're talking 'bout.

    I figure it's like when you want something you can't have, you want it more + they know there's something about you that gets you a wifey cuz if you've been single for two years, they prolly see you as a loser.

    That's just how i see it. Now let's wait for a lady with a more valid opinion. lol
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    Human nature... Wanting something that ain't urs...
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    Well, it's more of a female thing, but these young cats don't respect the game like they use to.

    Women just simply think you must be interesting and they can also smell that you have a girlfriend or what not. So you having a girl must mean there is something special about you.
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    Move this shit to Growing pains.
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    its like a 6th sense. i forgot what its called but people in general give off a vibe when they have someone and alot of females pick that shit up and are attracted to it. sort of like an i dont need you vibe..which attracts women.

    aka you young niggas, dont act needy and they'll come in flocks
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    Everybody wants what someone else has.
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    Promiscuous women love drama.
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    cuz they freaks....

    they figure any nigga with a wife must be fucking her good, or at the least was fucking her good in the beginning to get her wifed up in the first place....cuz the only way they themselves getting wifed up, is if they getting fucked good....

    and they all wanna get fucked good...so the nigga with the girl is the most logical choice
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    cause a lot of them think ass backwards
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    you kno how these hoes be
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    Lady_Zee wrote: »
    It's women's damn insecurities getting in the way again.

    I think stealing another woman's man makes some women feel better about themselves, quite sad really.


    That's why bitches land in the hospital trying to figure out, "Why him?"
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    All of humanity violates the 10th commandment.

    "You shall not covet your neighbor's house. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife, or his manservant or maidservant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor."Exodus 20:17

    Coveting leads mankind to do terrible things in order to attain what doesn't belong to us. Theft, adultery, hate, murder, lying, etc. will be the ultimate consequences when people act upon their lusts.

    Thank God for Jesus Christ though, who came to set us free from the curse of sin. God gives believers the Holy Spirit in order to defeat the works of the world, the flesh, and the devil. Thus, sin has no more power over any believer in Jesus Christ because we walk in the spirit and not after the flesh! Hallelujah!
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    Same reason the first response after telling a dude you have a man is, "You can't have friends?"

    Because people not in your relationship don't give a shit about your relationship.
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    I think this is more of a female thing tho. Because i get turned off from a girl if she says she has a man. Girls however are unloyal to their friends and want more drama. never have i been to a party/club and a bitch goes like "yea my boyfriend about to pick me up" have i continued mackin. lame fuck niggas do that. however every single female will do that
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    a girl does not become more attractive when she has a man or a bunch of dudes trying to mack. this is the huge difference between men and women.
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    A girl may not become more attractive relationship wise, but plenty of dudes eyes light up when told you're taken.

    They're hoping you're the one that doesn't mind a Boyfriend #2 type situation, which is a win-win for them of course.

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    A girl may not become more attractive relationship wise, but plenty of dudes eyes light up when told you're taken.

    They're hoping you're the one that doesn't mind a Boyfriend #2 type situation, which is a win-win for them of course.

    where they do that at? this type of bitchassness has not been witnessed by me or anyone of my comrades. For the most part when a chick says she's taken we think "well fuck u then bitch!"
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    I'm sure there are other men out there like you and your friends, but I assure you for every one like you there are 2 more that don't give a shit..lol.

    Case in point, my daughter's father currently texting me about having lunch knowing I gotta man.
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    It you ain't no chic magnet before you got the 1 on your arm it's because it's never about you fam, it's about a bitches thirst to compete and beat the next bitch at something. And if they see you with the one on your arm publically displaying the mannerisms of a gentleman with it, it's a wrap, they gon want that.

    Don't no bitch want a dude that no bitch want, and chics see you with a broad and get curious about you. Chics compare everything, especially themselves to the next one.

    It can be about you somewhat, but not about you to the degree you believe, so it's best to keep your ego out of issues with chics.
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    its cuz you are finally getting pussy, so instead of being depressed and down like you were cuz you wasnt getting pussy, now you're upbeat....chicks take notice of your new aura, not cuz you got a girl
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    I know wat T/S talkin bout. I sum tyms find myself in situations wen I'm on a date/hanging out with my female friends in public/out clubbing with my fuckbuddies etc... It is during these times wen I attract the most girls.

    Crazy thing is the very same bishes that are showing a nigga interest will be the same ones that'll just put up a front wen a nigga ridin dolo or chillin with the homies...weird phenomenon this
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    Lady_Zee wrote: »
    The difference in men and women in this instance is; Men are going to go after the woman regardless if she has a man or not, her relationship status is irrelevent.
    Whereas women suddenly show interest in men that they'd never have given the time of day to before when they find out that he's in a relationship. This is mainly to make themselves feel better, like they are 'better' than his wifey.

    This is actually a turn off for me. Makes me leave her alone. Dont want some loser's seconds when he aint with her. Those type dudes will accept anything. Quality dudes with options make the rules and unless you like following a loser on 1 broad (disgusting) you will not accept this set up. Dudes who accept anything will have results in life that reflect that.
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