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So This Trickk Tried To Bit My D Off

Young ThugYoung Thug Posts: 252 ✭✭✭
edited December 2012 in AKA Donkey
Where do I 5tart.....well I wa5 in the 5tudio boolin with da fam. An my ju hit up di5 lil trickk 5o 5he kould do the team. It's only 7 of u5e 5o 5he wa5 good to go for a few Hundun. Anyway 5he get there about 20min later. 5he know what it i5&get to work after she pop a few pill5. I'm 6th in line kau5e I wa5 bu5y reckordin anyway her head is on point I'm in heaven then I feel a pain. I tell the hoe to slow da fuckk up with them teeth. 5he didnt 5ay nun ju5t kept 5uckin then the stupid bitckh bites down again. I pu5h here off me like bitckh hell wrong with u 5he tried to talk and BITE5 DOWN HARD!!!! I finally realize thi5 hoe on molly5 and geekin while tryin to 5uckk me knowing damn well she koulda bite my 5hit off.

A5 puni5hmeant 5he didn't get paid for her effort dumb hoe kould of ju5t told me 5he kouldnt 5uckk no more I woulda ju5t fukked her and koulda 5till got paid 5mh oh well how y'all doing today
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