"she/he aint really my type"

texasdaking88texasdaking88 Posts: 4,605 ✭✭✭✭✭
Can you really be n love wit someone who isn't exactly ya type? I mean like totally opposite to what u always thought u wanted..like u only figured u would end up wit a red bone but fall fa a dark butt(no disrespect to dark chicks, I fucks wit cha )... I mess wit this chick who apparently only fucked wit army niggas since that's all she was around due to her dad being a master sergeant something.. her Mon really don't like me to much but that's mostly cuz I ain't n the military and thats what she want her daughter with...I was thinking bout taking it to that level til she told me n the past she really only messed wit military dudes becuz before, she made it seem like it's just her mom pushing her n that direction.. might be the case,might not be.. plus she plan on joining after she get her degree so she can pay for Med school.. shit got me thinking.. what y'all think


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