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Dear IC Member 3.0

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Dear Nobody Wants To Play With Me (II),

How many more post must we skip over of yours that basically screams out for attention? Acceptance? To be part of the 'cool' clique?
Ya pathetic ass spends every waking post telling us how we ain't shit, how we gang up in our lil circle, how we won't let new posters breathe. Naw nigga, just you. Your post rarely make any sense yet you supposedly 'dropping knowledge". Ya threads flop before the 5th person can enter a reply. Ya rebuttals are bi-curious @ best. You're asscheeks and yet you got the balls to complain that no one letting you "breathe'. Nigga you worse than Moreno and she so parched for attention her weave drying out. I tell you what my g, you go a week without @'ing me or mentioning me, and I'll put in a word for ya with the 'cool' clique lol. You stupid ass wipe. I wonder if ya moms had a hard time pulling you off the teat.

This was only a pep talk,
His hair?
His gear?
His jewelry?
His footstance?
The way he talks?
The way he doesn't even like to smile?
I'm tight as FUCK
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