All Hip Hop's Sir Luscious Left Foot Review

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Overall, the album oozes maturity, funk and a masterful orchestration that only an ATLien of Big Boi’s stature could pull off. But, he’s got the good and he possesses the innovation to push the genre of Hip-Hop into its adulthood phase. “The Train Pt. 2 (Sir Lucious Left Foot Saves The Day)” isn’t really a stand out song, but it is indicative why this album is great. The Organized Noize-produced song – like others – is an album cut that acts as the mortar to the bricks like the bubbly “Shutterbug.” But that is how the album works. It is comprised of stellar album cuts and they tag team with single worthy records, the cornerstone of commercial success.

Still haven't grabbed my copy getting after I cash my check today
When she suck on my pipe them golds shiny and bright
got these lames hittin the service every fucking night
I'm talkin bout NBA tricks
NFL tricks
NHL tricks
paying my bitch


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