Is YMCMB the most dissapointing crew/label of the year?

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I think they are lets take a look back:

Drakes YOLO movement carried into 2012 from his album but that would be the last W in a year full of losses

Bow wow caught the most L's out the crew I mean birdman forgot he was on the roster

Corey Gunz, Gudda, Lil Twist, were artist that looked to make 2012 the year they dropped their first albums......never happened

You had over 75% of the label essentially be Idle

Drake the hottest person buzz wise out the clique had a huge summer tour.........No other ymcmb artists were even invited as full time opening acts instead he went outside the label to get legitimate artists

The crew wasn't really hanging out like in previous years and while other labels had compilation albums there were not any for ymcmb in 2012.

Is YMCMB the most dissapointing crew/label of the year?

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