CVS2 Confirmed For U.S Release

genocidecuttergenocidecutter Posts: 16,446 ✭✭✭✭✭
In addition to Capcom Fighting Jam, it looks as if we will be getting Capcom VS SNK 2 stateside soon as well. When asked on the Capcom-Unity forums about both games and the fact that they have seen a release on the Japanese PSN. Capcom’s Christian Svensson said that the games would hit the US PSN “eventually.”
“The timing will be quite different though from Japan,” Svensson said. “More news will come “next year.”"
Of course, anyone with a Japanese PSN account can already, and it’s not too hard to get one. Of course, as a PS2 classic, these games lack certain features, such as online play, that have come to be expected from re-releases.


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