Hard On Crackas Vol.1

i had to uppercut the shit out a cracka lastnight at waffle house

i was outside waffle house in the car sleep, i was high as fuck and my homeboys just left me the fuck outside while they went in

i woke up when i felt somethin bump the car and i see a cracka, three of his cracka friends and two cracka bitches behind em , i guess they got out the truck next to us cause they came from different directions around it

this cracka tell his people

"this is how we do it in the hood, they might have some money, watch my back cody"

i see this cracka reach for my door, as soon as he open it and stick his head in, i uppercut his dumb ass in the neck, his head hit the roof and he fell over on top of me, i pushed his ass out the car and locked the doors before his cracka friends could help him

while that was goin on i hear the cracka bitches screaming and his cracka friends start tryin to open the door

my homeboys come out waffle house and them crackas picked they friend up, got in the truck and left

I was gon wait till 13 to start H.O.C., but christmas came early



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