Final episode of G4's 'X-Play' to air in January

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The soon-to-be-gone G4tv announced on Tuesday, Dec. 18 that the final episode of it's long-running series X-Play will air on January 23.

The final episode, recorded on Dec. 12, marks the end of road for G4 as it is rebranded as the Esquire Channel in 2013.

X-Play began it's life as GameSpot TV in 1998 on the ZDTV network, hosted by Adam Sessler and Lauren Fielder. It later moved to TechTV under the name Extended Play and later to G4 during the merger with TechTV. The name was eventually shortened to X-Play as co-host Morgan Webb joined the show.

Rumors began swirling of a pending change to G4 when long time host Sessler suddenly left the network in April. These rumors were confirmed in October as it was announced that both X-Play and sister program Attack of the Show were being cancelled in favor of a rebranding of the channel.

Worth noting is that while both the G4tv website and the trailer for the final X-Play episode state "Monday, Jan. 23" as the final airing date, the 23rd actually falls on a Wednesday, meaning the final airing date may later be corrected.


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