The Official "Natural Beauty" Thread

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Welcome IC Family

Here we shall post skin, hair & body beauty products which we use/like. This is a place to share ideas, tips, advice, beauty regiments etc.

What is your "beauty workout plan" looking like sisters? (Brothers, there are products in here for you too :) )

Certain products I am loyal to but I like trying different things. This is an outlet for suggestions so please feel free.

S/O to @sixsicksins for encouraging this..... :)

100% Pure African Black Soap
Natural and great for sensitive skin

Pure 50% Cocoa Butter 50% Shea Butter
(I love how cocoa butter smooth it makes my skin and the scent makes me want to eat my arm I must say)

Organic Olive Oil
(Have been using this since my teens if not for the sheen but the scent alone. Takes me back to my days in Harlem and that scent has ha a special place in my hair/heart ever since)

Carole's Daughter Curl booster
(Defines and separates frizzy curls)

Exotic Coconut Body Spray

Coconut Oil
Use it on your skin or in your cooking. Either way, coconut>>>>>>>>>

100% Pure Shea Butter
Numerous Benefits, take a closer read

Cyperus esculentus
(A plant cultivated for its edible tubers aka. Tigernut)
Tigernut, Tiger Nut Oil, Tiger Nut Milk
(Too many benefits to list here.
Fellas, this one is also for you. Increases the fertility in men etc.)

"Black Love"
(Love the natural scent, leaves skin with a healthy dewy glow.)

Get "Sweet Like Me"
A natural earthy scented spray which can be used in the hair and on the body.

Aruba Coconut, Warm Vanilla Sugar & Apricot Vanilla Signature Scents
(Bath & Body Works so not completely natural but what can I say when one enjoys walking around smelling like Vanilla and Coconuts <3)



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