NFL Edition: For the fans of bad/mediocre teams how far is your team from contending?

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In my honest opinion, when I look at the Jets, we have some talent on both sides of the ball. I think we just need to retool. We need to address the QB situation, either bring in Mike Vick, Alex Smith, Matt Moore etc. Let McElroy start in '13, either way we need to draft a QB in '14 and let him sit for a year or two behind the vet starter.

We have a solid offensive line, just need to add some depth, we were thin this year on the line.

This offseason we must retain LaRon Landry, he was a beast this year at safety, bring back Yeremiah Bell for one more year. Re sign Braylon Edwards and Dustin Keller and upgrade the RB position.

This upcoming draft would be spent on addressing the LB position, we need a pass rusher in the worst way, we need to load up on pass rushers and o linemen.

So in '13 we have (for arguments sake) Vick at QB, Mendenhall or Jackson at RB, a healthy Holmes to go along with Braylon and Hill and Kerley with Keller at TE.



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