LA Gang Culture Nationwide

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Because of lil wayne, dipset, gucci, flocka, etc...i go out east and down south and get respect just because of where i happened to be born and raised...i never been to the chi but i got alot of close relatives up there so i'd be good in that city too
i dont even bang and didnt grow up in the hood on a gang block....but my hometown is like 95% bloods so obviously i know alot of gang members

in the media, its promoted and sold...

But the criminal justice system hates gang members. In real life, active gangbanging only leads to the hospital/wheelchair, life in prison or death.
i honestly think some rappers are promoted to influence blacks and latins in the urban ghettos to kill each other off and get locked up in their private prisons.
its ironic because in cali, active gangbangin is for inner city at risk youths...but you got 45 year old multimillionaire label execs who arent even from cali promoting gangs smh
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