Since Some Of Yall Think Im Trollin Bout This Rap Shit...

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After i stop posting...everybody should have links to their social media websites!
i thought about it...and i been on the ic since i first entered the music after i blow up ill give yall updates and shit about how my career is going...and the ups and downs of the rap game...and the shit that goes on in socal and nationwide...or you can wait until i get the tv show poppin,which prolly wont be for a few years after i properly establish my rap will prolly be a cheap deal with a basic cable company....some comedy central or adult swim shit...curb your enthusiam meets big bang theory meets entourage meets menace to society.

I digress.
Post them links tho after i stop posting..i can get people extra work if ur regular ass wanna be on tv and if we're doin industry shit in ur only pays a couple hunnid tho...but i bet you dont make 200 in one hour any other way....
so yeah. Also everybody needs pics of themselves in their avi might have one eye or some shit


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