Westchester County Newspaper Publishes the Addresses of Gun Owners In the County

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I used to be a doorman and to pass the time I would time I would listen to the radio. One of my favorite shows was the Savage Nation. Michael Savage is one of those bombastic, fiery, and somewhat partisan conservative radio hosts who's content and rhetoric one can easily argues borders on demagoguery. However, Savage would often say that "Liberalism is a mental disorder." I agree, any philosophy practiced in an extreme form is a mental disorder and blatant example of irresponsible yellow journalism is an example of that.

What was suppose to be the end result of publishing these people's personal information? Shaming law abiding gun owners (whose only wish is to be left alone,) into selling their guns? But it's our brothers in the National Rifle Association who are the zealots, nut jobs, and extremists. This shit has a lot of unintended consequences to it, for example, you just gave information to a burglar which homes have guns in them. From the certain burglar's perspective he might be less inclined to break-in to the home with the strap. Or some nigga's that really about that life, might go into the home with the guns for the sole purpose of finding the heat. With the knowledge of knowing the guns are there, they'll just bring their own knowing that they might have to draw down on a nigga.

Also these bitch made anti-gun pussies inadvertently gave weight to the NRA's argument about gun registration. Who knows maybe these dumb fucks will keep fucking up and swing public opinion in favor law gun ownership. For those who agree with this bullshit, please explain why this shit is acceptable.



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