For DipSet Fans only

What you think of the dips now ? what's the smartest move for them to get back to their glory days?
remember when dipset was the biggest movement out of harlem and they started breeding successful rappers like when killa cam innovated jim jones then jim jones brought max b as his right hand man same as he doing now with sen city. then capo hooked up purple city gang and rookies like A-Mafia came under the diplomats.
What if every single MC came under dipset from the second generation like hell rell, 40 cal and JR Writer to the O.Gs whom they are killa, capo and santana. to every other MC affiliated with them came back as one and under one label ? could they bring back the movement?
Me personally i think at jim should focus on making music again with killa, santana, hell rell, 40 cal and JR Writer and take a lil break from his byrdgang crew so they could be able to bring back their sound.
so what you people think?



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