Any Y'all See That "Life Of Pi" Joint...?

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I'm thinkin bout goin to see it...


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    Visually it's a good movie other than that its boring as shit
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    eyes low wrote: »
    Visually it's a good movie other than that its boring as shit

    Yeah, thats what i kinda figured...What's it really about?
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    if you thought it was boring you obviously didn't get the movie

    i thought it was a beautiful movie, really liked it

    the whole movie is a metaphor for faith and how it works

    "In the third part of the novel, two officials from the Japanese Ministry of Transport speak to Pi to ascertain why the ship sank. When they do not believe his story, he tells an alternative story of human brutality, in which Pi was adrift on a lifeboat with his mother, a sailor with a broken leg, and the ship's cook, who killed the sailor and Pi's mother and cut them up to use as bait and food.

    Parallels to Pi's first story lead the Japanese officials to believe that the orangutan represents his mother, the zebra represents the sailor, the hyena represents the cook, and Richard Parker is Pi himself.

    After giving all the relevant information, Pi asks which of the two stories they prefer. Since the officials cannot prove which story is true and neither is relevant to the reasons behind the shipwreck, they choose the story with the animals. Pi thanks them and says, "and so it goes with God"."
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    one of my favorite books, I haven't got a chance to see it yet though.
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    Its about a fat-ass that can't stop eating.
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