When White Athletes Get Into Trouble.....

texas409texas409 Posts: 12,568 ✭✭✭✭✭
Of course you have heard that starting QB Chase Mccoy was released from the team because of the rape charge right??? Well maybe you havent because the media isnt talking about it that much....and I wonder why???? If it was an African American starting QB, lets say Cam Newton his senior year at Auburn, how much would we have heard about this by now??? This shit is a terrible bias in todays media when white athletes run in with the law its swept under the table but let a high profile negro get a traffic ticket and its on the news before the ticket is written. Think im lying? How about starting LB Keith Brooking being in trouble for tax fraud? didnt know about that one either huh? lol when does it stop. And believe me these white QB's are getting hit with alcohol offenses left and right yet we hear nothing about it. IC what is your opinion?
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