Who is the most dangerous female poster: Kai or Pico?

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Everyone who has been posting here awhile knows about Kai's dark, depressing, yet consequently hilarious past as a child soldier. She's splattered more brains than breaths you've taken.

However Kai is an ex-soldier. She hasen't been active in the military for awhile. but she has a strong understanding of pathogens. Chemical warfare would be something to expect from Kai.

Now we have Pico: currently active in the military. Pico stands at 5'10, compared to kai's 5'6 (correct me if i'm wrong, but this is what my memory has retrieved). Pico has a clear size advantaged, yet has a much smaller track record. Her body count is also lower (unless you're talkin sex, then pico winnin).

So who is more dangerous?

Who is the most dangerous female poster: Kai or Pico? 30 votes

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