Upgrade little stuff on chic or deal with it

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Been dating new chic about 3 months. She 26 (im 29) runs an after school program, used to dance, now she teaches on the side.

Shorty looks great when she gets fixed up. Nice body cute face.

But I admit... I kinda like dainty women, and she not really it. I won't say she is a tomboy, but for example:

She doesn't usually get her nails done. But she been getting them done for the last month. "I get them done for u, b00kie." And the she can't wait until after NYE party to take em off.

She says she doesn't do lingerie. this one not too bad, she can just get naked idc. But I've seen her step it up a couple times for me.

Says she dont like perfume. I don't really care bc she always smell good/soap fresh.

Don't regularly get her hair done (maybe like 6 weeks) She has nice (real) hair. It never looks bad. But my ex used to b n the shop religiously erry 2 weeks and I loved that.
Shorty teaches dance classes 2-3x a week so she sweats new perm out. I'm happy she works out, though

Want to tell her to get upper lip wax but don't wanna hurt her feelings.

I like her tho. She treat ya boy good, cater, cook her ass off.
She don't make a ton of $, she used to that dancer budget so I been showing her nice lifestyle a lil like a nigga supposed to.
But wondering if I'm stretching too far, would all these things be an upgrade, or trying to change a person which I don't wanna do.


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