is a high school diploma or g.e.d really needed?

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well i was tryin to tell my cuz yesterday that he need to go back and get his g.e.d and he just keeps on sayin he dont need one. but the thing is his girl is about to drop his baby next month, he's a step father to his girls two y/o child, and plans on marrying this chick next year. but my thang is that he's toppin out at like 15 dollars driving for a moving company with no benefits or shit. hell sometimes the check dont even come on time. im like homie you could either be working at ford or general electric right now with benefits if you just get your g.e.d but he always says he dont need no ged as long as he got his cdl's. so can a cat really make a decent living without a g.e.d or h/s diploma?


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