It's crazy how Jay's the only NY rapper that never fell off

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Even though I'm not a fan, I have to admire Jay's longevity. i can't think of a single ny rapper from the 90's that was really able to stand the test of time like Jay has. There's no shame in falling off; nothing lasts forever. But everyone else that came up in Hov's era fell off. Jay has stayed relevant and still selling a lot of records after 16 YEARS in the game. Damn. All the other NY dudes eventually drowned. Are there any rappers from the 90's that was really able to stand the test of time like Jay has? i can't think of any.

nas - can't even get a gold certification now. last album that went plat was streets disciple. that came out nearly a decade ago. fell off.
50 cent - irrelevant since 2007. singles flopped. so did his dvds, games, clothes, sneakers, and whatever the fuck else he tries to sell. threw everything at ross and had ZERO effect. lost multiples beefs and battles to artists such as d-block, game, fat joe and now even ross. fell off hard. no-one really cares anymore.
ja rule - fell off even harder. aint been the same since 04 after NY turned their backs on him when he needed support. now in jail.
jadakiss - one of my fav rappers but his sales declined. 3 albums in 10 years? smarten up kiss
dmx - in his prime (98-99) X was easily as good as jay n nas. the crack ruined a great talent. fell off.
camron another 1 of my fav rappers but aint sold shit since crime pays. fell off.
busta rhymes - aint been relevant shit since touch it. fell off.
ghost and raekwon - aint really relevant. they might release good music but their sales are poor.
mobb deep - big mobb fan but they fell off too.

i know theres many more but i'll leave it there. i guess i just have to give jay his credit. no one else done it as big for as long. his business acumen is unrivalled.

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