Relevant Posters Coalition

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This thread was made to pay homage to the few of us that have SN's that matter...on a forum where there are more than 1000 members, I now summons u to give urself a pat on the back for being able to stand out amongst so many.

It's a thread where u can feel free to converse and lollygag among one another without the fear of having a hasbeen, newbie unknown, or just plain ol irrelevant poster quoting or @'ing you.

Irrelevant posters, post at ur own discretion, although I shall forewarn you, your SN wont be quoted nor @'d, and all ur posts will go unreacted to...u would be lucky to not have ur posts buried for having the gall to taint the thread with ur irrelevantness.

With that said, relevant posters is good.

L' chaim cheers.gif


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