whats yo fav position?

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ion think ive made this thread before..
but ya lemme know which is your fav and why


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    *Waits for someone*
    Bookwormblakfyahking[Deleted User]DWOFocal Point
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    her back 2 the wall/door .one leg up, drillin that pussy. while kissing,licking, sucking on her neck/face.
    or i flip her around, her face 2 the wall, one leg up stroking, smacking dat ass standin up dawgy style.

    and with the skinny girls, i like legs wrapped around me. while i'm standing beating the pum pum up.
    and off course DOGGY STYLE. with her at the edge of the bed, and i'm standing.

    i like standing.the only time i like laying is when she's on top cowgirl watching her bounce, or reverse while i'm suckin on her feet.

    damn, good times b good times.
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    1. Jerking off while standing. This is a common practice when I am showering. I simply ejaculate into the shower drain. I find that this is a great position to ejaculate. However, it does get uncomfortable if you are standing up for too long.

    2. Masturbating while seated. Sitting down offers a good experience. I usually do this while I am watching pornography or when im on the toilet. This position can be somewhat limited as it will prevent you from comfortably making certain movements.

    3. Lying on the bed. I find this the most comfortable because you are able to fully stretch your body. The bed is a good place to lie on. Having said that, I always make sure I prepare some tissue, otherwise it can get really messy.
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    When she right, she right : )
    *waits for someone to goat*

    They mad?
    [Deleted User]
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    i could hold up Kai all night.
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    bignorm wrote: »
    For those who got a big gal (like i do)
    Dont thow ya back out trying that standing thing.
    I can do that, but if you cant,get close to a wall, she can lean
    back her shoulders on that, and you can get the same effect,
    without the bulging disc injury.

    And that dropping her when you cum thing is real.
    Sounds like Kai been dropped before.

    lol, no my husband's a big guy and i'm pretty tiny so he's never dropped me. he did come close one time tho when he got a charlie horse mid-orgasm lol

    oh let's not forget, on my back legs behind my head, ass hanging off the edge of the bed a little so he can really dig into the pussy. *serious face* we did not just get done doing this one lol ^#(^
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    Yall didnt have to report my post as a spam, Ive never had sex before so I could only talk about what I know, which is masturbation.
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    ^That nigga's slackin on his mackin...while u waitin for his cosign, he's at home doin his fav positions with his WIFE.

    Im just saying, u can do better *Drake voice*

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    thankyar thankyar
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    1.) 17
    2.) 6
    4.) 12
    5.) 13

    regular doggy when i'm just tryna get a quick one though

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