Robert Kirkman presents: Theif Of Thieves.

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I just discovered this gem two days ago in Barnes and Nobles. If you're a fan of Kirkman, you know the writing is going to be on point, but with this series he shares the writing with other writers for every arc. In my opinion, this comic is Ocean's 11 meets Takers. A great cast of characters, which are diverse and have this coolness about them. Wait to you see the FBI agent. There are 11 issues (Issue 11 came out two weeks ago.) in total so far and after reading Vol 1. titled "I Quit" (Vol 1 has the first 7 issues.) I downloaded 8-11. I read everything in one night. Once you start reading, you're not going to want to stop.

Here's where it gets better. This comic is now going to become a show on AMC. I can't wait to watch it. So here's a link to download them: thieves/

Issues 8 and 9 are not there, so you'll have to google search for those two issues. (You'll find them.)

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