Who do you think the real Producer in hip hop are?

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When i say producer I'm not talking about beatmakers i mean people that do what a lot of record producer like over see the mixing and mastering, song subject , the direction of how the singer or rapper sing or ryhmes on the song.

to me its Dr.Dre I know he get shit for not actually making beats but i think a lot of people don't understand when he listed his self as the producer he's doing what is what i described above

p.diddy explain it best

"im not a beatmaker, im a producer." "i dont program beats. i dont play an instrument. i know how to produce a whole song."

"theres a difference btwn making a track and producing a record. thats why we give diddy credit." - d. dot

"hip hop, traditionally has a different definition of "producer" then other music genres; in rock, a producer doesnt create the guitar riffs or drum beats".


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